DIERYA X TMKB Wired Gaming Mouse, 12800DPI Optical Sensor, 6 Programmable Buttons, Customizable RGB Honeycomb Mouse, Drag-Free Paracord, Ergonomic Design Computer Mouse for Windows PC Gamers, White

Welcome to the world of DIERYA X TMKB Wired Gaming Mouse, the perfect weapon for all the Windows PC gamers out there. This gaming mouse is designed to offer the best possible gaming experience with its advanced features and customizable design. Here are the key features of the DIERYA X TMKB Wired Gaming Mouse:


The DIERYA X TMKB Wired Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold for long gaming sessions. The mouse is designed to fit the natural curves of your hand, which makes it easy to use and reduces the strain on your wrist.

Sensor and DPI:

The mouse comes with a high-precision optical sensor that supports up to 12800 DPI. This ensures that you get accurate and fast movements in the game, which is crucial for competitive gaming.

Customizable RGB lighting:

The DIERYA X TMKB Gaming Mouse features customizable RGB lighting that lets you personalize the mouse according to your preference. You can choose from various color options and lighting effects to match your gaming setup.

Programmable buttons:

The mouse has six programmable buttons that you can customize according to your needs. You can program these buttons to perform specific functions in the game, making it easier to execute complex commands.

Drag-free paracord:

The mouse comes with a drag-free paracord that reduces friction and allows smooth and accurate movements. This feature is essential for gamers who need precise control over their mouse movements.

In conclusion, the DIERYA X TMKB Wired Gaming Mouse is an excellent choice for all Windows PC gamers. It has advanced features that are essential for gaming, and its customizable design makes it perfect for personalization. With this mouse, you can take your gaming experience to the next level. Get yours today and start dominating the virtual battlefield!,

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